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Hex Custom Wallpaper

I don't think there is a better place to start my blog than with this wallpaper! This bathroom is part of a full condo remodel that I did earlier this year in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco. The owners of the property were finally able to get the tenants out so that they could remodel - it was definitely needed! The paint was peeling off of the walls, most of the windows were broken, and the floors were beginning to rot. You can only guess how happy I was to get my hands on this nearly crumbling property.

When I took on this project I was not sure where to start - everything needed to be replaced. In terms of being able to rearrange elements, the bathrooms were the most limited spaces. San Francisco homes are not designed with large bathroom spaces. It is very typical to find a standard family bathroom and a single toilet room in San Francisco condos, which is not a lot of bathroom space for a growing family. Since there were other bathrooms within this condo, I wanted to do something fun with this small one. And then I would take a more traditional approach with the larger bathroom - as traditional as I can go.

I immediately knew I wanted to experiment with a bold wallpaper. Hick's Hexagon has always been a favorite pattern of mine, as I am very inspired by retro patterns. I found two patterns that are very similar to Hick's Hexagon, but I am happy I went with the pattern I did. The alternate pattern is below.

When it came down to color, I was torn between a few different blues. These patterns would look amazing in any color really, so that only made my job harder. It came down to Willow Blue or Starlit Eve from Kelly Moore and a third color from Farrow & Ball, Stiffkey Blue. In the end, I went with Willow Blue.

Do you think I made the right choice? Of course you do!

I went with the Brushed Nickel finish to keep it cool!

But I had to keep the antique knob!

In the end I couldn't let go of the Starlit Eve, so I used it on the small window.

I couldn't be more pleased with the final product! This space may be small but it has the biggest personality of all the rooms in the condo. Don't hesitate to go with something custom and make a wallpaper yourself! This is something you can create for any space in your home. There are paintable wallpapers, as well as printable options, even stamps. Get creative!

My next San Francisco project includes a navy feature wall that will have a bold plaid pattern from floor to ceiling. Stay tuned for pictures!

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